The Super Power of YOU


The Super Power of YOU

Flowing deep inside your layers of energy and physical systems flows the energy systems of Divinity’s universal love. Divine intelligence has nothing but love in store for you.

We all have a simple and yet a most unique super power. This is the super power of being YOU.

Being who you are is being your pure essence, accessing the gifts you were born with.

Yes, it is so counter-intuitive to think you are almighty powerful and good, just by virtue of being. All other requirements are the conditioning that have been placed upon you by your society since you were born.

So what is this super power you have but may not be consciously aware?

The Gifts You Were Born With

We were all born with a blue print. In that blue print everything you may ever like, and everything you may ever experience is already all there.

To uncover these experiences you must have certain qualities. You were born with a skill set that no-one else in the world matches. This makes you a valuable human being just by virtue of being you. You may need certain training to get to where you want to be, but it is your innate interests and gifts that inform the choices you make about what training you undertake, and ultimately what choices you make in this life. You can either come from love or fear. It is the inclinations of your heart that reside at the deepest level, well below the conditioning placed upon you.

We are all passionate about different things. The passion in you is the fire that gets ignited. For each individual it is a different match that ignites the fire. Those things we all chase are not worth chasing because they are not your true calling. Your true calling is only in you. And those who have come before you along a similar journey will show up to help you attain it.

Being your Pure Essence

Pure Essence is the essential quality of being. Your atoms are as old as the sun. The energy flowing through your atoms are in fact older than this planet, and older still than the man-made structures that we so often fear and comply with. When you strip away all the structures given to you by society that uphold the mind that you assume, you are left with just your naked self in a relationship with the entire universe. Your brain is a hologram of the intelligence of this entire universe! This is your pure essence.

The Super Power of you provides you with three main immunities. This is useful for anyone on the spiritual path, as your very spirituality can be a targeted weakness that others may wish to exploit.

You are provided the immunity to: criticism, rejection and self-talk.

When you are immune to criticism you know that there is a higher force that is guiding you. It is navigating your life journey, and all the possibilities that you are creating with how you are choosing to be in the now. Focus on your actions, and stay clear of any reactions. Your reactions are the extent to which you vest yourself in the world of the ephemeral.

When you are immune to rejection you are focusing on yourself and not the other. This is vital in self-development. This is because when we focus on another’s needs we are giving our power away. We have a vested interest in another, to the detriment of our own wellbeing. This is what people do on a social scale with religions, sub-cultures and even social institutions, giving these absolute control of their lives.

When you are immune from self-talk you are not running way from reflection and learning. It is simply acknowledging that what we tell the self is not always true, and is most certainly bound to change and evolve over time. Yet what you tell yourself from moment from moment is treated as gospel. Gospel contains the words: Go Spell. That is to say you go and spell your life by your words. You are simply becoming aware of the social conditioning and its impacts on your consciousness. The media, our social circles and our sources of information set certain bars of behavior and bars for success. We may wish to pause and work out what it is that truly makes the soul happiest. This sometimes requires a complete re-evaluation of values systems.

Being your pure essence is simply being in the Zen of you. Honoring where you are at, and letting the outside world literally stay outside! It is in seeing your pure essence that you see yourself on an equal footing with the universe. You have a direct relationship to the living being that is the universe, and it is to her that you must account to.

You must re-learn to love yourself again. Remember the Divine universal love was there in you all along. The paradigms of social convention as well as ancient tradition are nothing more than opportunities to grow and remember the love that resides within you. Love is always ready and waiting to be tapped into via your heart.

To be of your Pure Essence means to know who you are. Honour the rapture of life that resides within, right down to the cellular level.

Like in the movie the matrix when Neo learns that the outside world is just an illusion, a mental projection in fact, he is enabled to achieve feats no being has conquered before! Neo realizes his supernatural source. If you were in your true essence, acknowledging your unique gifts to the world, you would be in your own supernatural powers. You would not just have a relationship with this limited world but a relationship to the whole universe at large! You would be walking along with the higher forces: the spiritual forces guiding this planet and guiding you your highest destiny.

There is a world within you, and you just may not be aware of all you are capable of…. But in your highest element, you are!


By Ilya Dinov


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