Energy Balancing

yin yang

The Universe and Energy Balancing

The universe is made up of energy or vibrations that are completely in movement.

Energy is a particular frequency or a certain arrangement the universe takes on in order to experience itself in a new facet.

We all need to go through new experience. And so does the universe. If we do not go through different experiences we do not obtain balance in our learning, and hence we tend to “stand still”, experience entropy like all inanimate objects experience. In other words we start to die in our living body.

We are fundamentally energy. Energy keeps moving; changing; it keeps growing! We grow in unison with the universe.

We all have heard of Yin and Yang: the universal feminine and the universal masculine energy. They work as tools of creation. They are fundamental forces that are oppositional: that is to say Yin holds the blocked consciousness of Yang and Yang holds the blocked consciousness of Yin. Together they form a much greater totality than just the sum of their parts. Using everything as a tool of Yin and Yang, the universe this way is enabled to mold and re-mold consciousness so as to eventually expand it. This is how anything “new” can be created; this is how a new experience can be possible for you; this is how the universe itself expands. 

The universe forever keeps expanding! Consciousness can’t sit still. What for?

The universe continually expands, along with the consciousness of all its creation, in all of its totality, in order to expand the capacity and the experience potential of love.

The universe is an experiment in love!

We are each here to express our own unique essence. Your essential nature with all of your unique qualities and gifts all work together to learn to give, receive and express universal love.

As you expand you are expanding with the universe. You are going with the grain of a higher intelligence. You are guided, supported and nurtured by this vast powerful energy.

Healing Sessions

Energy balancing in an everyday healing sense is a conscious decision to place your body, mind and soul at the frequency of universal peace. With your facilitator you enable yourself to align with the vibrations of the universe and expand energetically, aligning you with the Universal Mind.

An energy balancing session ultimately empowers you to become the author of the new experiences you wish to write for yourself. You gain new opportunities, new learnings in all your relationships and especially reform the relationship you hold with yourself.


By Ilya Dinov

Stay tuned for the next article “Medicine Wheel”

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