Taking Control of your Energy Contracts


Taking Control of your Energy Contracts

We are all living in bondage. This is the idea behind much philosophical thought of the 20th Century and enacted in the movie “the Matrix”.

Energy contracts are those things that bind two or more people, to do act and think in certain ways. It can feel like a blessing because you have some predictability and control over the human connections and support in your life. You earn a sense of security in having somebody to walk alongside on this journey, somebody who shares your values and watches your back. However this can also feel like a curse because you form a habitual relating style and can fall into a groove without feeling the need to feedback your own growth onto yourself. You start to repeat certain behaviour patterns without realising it and without the power to change them!

The security of bondage can become habitually leaned on well after it has served its purpose. This is why it vitally important to be aware of your contracts.

There are different reasons we actually seek out to be bound to another. In the world of commerce we seek to exchange an item or a service we want from someone else who is seeking what we have. In the world of energy relationships, for our own protection, we seek: a) to not to stand out in the crowd, b) to have predictability, c) heart-to-heart connection with a soul mate, d) to be a hero or a martyr, or e) loyalty to a certain person for fear of deserting them. See Diagram Below to view these patterns from a longer time-frame perspective.

Contract Past Life Patterns Present Solutions
Fear of deserting another – Loyalty Syndrome Had been lonely; felt deserted by another and unloved Do your own thing, and encourage others to do the same; give others space as a way of showing appreciation of them being a separate individual
Need to be Hero or Martyr – Fame Syndrome Felt ignored; felt unimportant; wanted to be like someone else who received recognition and adulation by society Honour yourself – do not wait for others to give you credit; write down each and every day what you have accomplished that you value
Need to fit in – Sameness Syndrome Persecuted for something you did that was not accepted by the social norm Be individual; be creative, seek your own life purpose
Need for Connection – Loneliness Syndrome Giving your power away; not looking within for the Divinity all human beings seek Seek romance with the rapture of life that is alive in each and every of the billions of cells in your body
Need for Predictability – Anxiety Syndrome Reactive to unexpected events; had certain strong expectations; lived a lie someone perpetrated on you Appreciate the present moment; release your expectations of others and of the future. Follow the Law of Being All-Allowing; this is the law that the universe expresses as it yields unconditional love.


You regain authentic power when you keep your options on the table. You do not submit blindly to a contract that you may have got yourself into many lifetimes ago.

In regaining control of your contracts you have completely different motivations for contracting. You become aware of all your options as you allow yourself the power to be a sovereign being with true authentic power. Please see table below.

Contract Motivation
Loyalty Syndrome the power to help not because it is expected but because one feels it deeply in their heart
Fame Syndrome the power to be of service to humankind not out of selfish pride but for a higher calling to benefit the larger state of the world
Sameness Syndrome the power to wake up everyday not because of convention but because you truly want to live on this planet
Loneliness Syndrome the power to fall in love not with another and not appearances but with your own being
Anxiety Syndrome the power to see another as an expression of the love you yourself are reflecting; a security that you are in control of yourself and your game in life that you cease the desire to control anyone else


By Ilya Dinov

Visit: http://www.lovingdestiny.info



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