The Dreamtime


The Dreamtime

Indigenous cultures have recognized that all life is holy. It is so awe-filled that there must have been a “dreaming” of these forms before they came to be. Aboriginals in Australia call this “The Dreamtime” whilst Christians call this “Creation”.

All of these great ancient teachings are saying the same thing: we are all born with a blue print. In other words, whilst some of our choices may affect our future, certain choices and certain experiences cannot be effaced. They are a part of who we were always going to be.

You are a dream of the Divine Universe. This dreamtime wants to be acknowledged and honoured.

Most of us confuse who we are with the choices we make. Who you are is eternal. It has always been and always will be. It is a sad waste of a life for him who wonders why they are ‘till they no longer are who they are.

It also follows that certain experiences cannot be avoided. We cannot meditate our way out of the human experience. We cannot buy a ticket to heaven with the “right” religion. Escapism is merely the effect of not honouring yourself and the universal dreamtime process. The unavoidable cannot be avoided, life cannot be lived by being avoided, for trying to do so will only place you at the centre of a void!

The Dreaming also goes for our planet and all its forms. Archetypes of the human form are known to have always existed. Jung was a student of ancient mythology and religion. In comparing their artifacts he noticed there were similarities in certain recurring symbols. It suggested to Jung that humans have a mind that is not only informed by personal experience, but a collective consciousness as well. This supports the idea of there being a process primordial to human existence, transcendental to human knowledge and perception, yet informs it.

There are personality elements that are universal: male, female, the wizard, the serious business persona, the clown, the wise elder, the fighter, the nurturer, and others. There are about a dozen or so archetypes, and yet they combine to make up countless personalities, we see in the real today. Like human beings, all life forms are a part of the dreamtime: the mythical phase of our planet’s creation that underwent the creation of all creatures, plants and minerals.

No matter what you choose or how you play the game of life, you cannot override the experiences in store for you. Honour the dreaming of your being; honour all of who you are. When you honour who you are you honour this life and make it holy for everyone in it. Honour and love who you are … you are truly one of a kind.

By Ilya Dinov

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