Staying Individual And Authentic When Times Demand Followers


Staying Individual And Authentic When Times Demand Followers

If you want to look for evidence of free thought there is plenty of it… just look into google or your news services… there is always a black sheep with a counter discourse… well, if you look real hard enough.

And yet at the very root of that information you have the same people controlling it. Lennin at the peak of communist Russia stated that the best way to have an opposition is to create it from the top. Yes, there is a conspiracy, even though once upon a time the subversive ‘conspiracy theory’ label could simply be described as philosophical conjecture.

Do we really have free thought?

Let’s put it this way: are you any different to a dog? A dog can simply be conditioned with bells and food… A man rings a bell and the dog salivates involuntarily.

Humans behave the same way at present. When authorities say “be a good citizen” we say “yes sir, whatever you say sir!”, when they say “jump” we say “how high please”. And when they try to divide us we are conditioned to police each other through identity politics.

In such a society the government want to ultimately reach into your biological person, and tell you what you should put into it. That is the sign of an all-controlling absolutist control by government. But all we are conditioned to say is “how soon will the medicine be available?” We are so hopelessly dependent on the system that there are no boundaries anymore between your person and the wicked system of government.

We have been conditioned like Pavolv’s dogs.

Is there any doubt that governments are not always benevolent?… For instance the first cars were electric, not petrol. But governments forced upon us leaded petrol cars for 75 years because it suited the oil companies. Not only do we live with air pollution as a normal day-to-day given, lead was a major cause of brain and organ damage in the 20th century. In fact the information has only been officially admitted in 2020 that General Motors and Exxon Mobile knew that it would poison millions of people as they fabricated the science for 50 years for complicity with their agenda. “Documentation unearthed by Car shows that the three companies colluded with the then US surgeon general Hugh Cumming to avoid the product being killed off by health fears.”

Governments made the masses miserable. In fact the 20th century governments killed more people and created more misery than all the criminal masterminds and gangs put together: 108 million were killed in all wars of the 20th century. Actually it is probably as high as 300 million, according to a Democide paper from the University of Hawaii. Democide is murder by government for the reasons of: race, ethnicity, religion, language, politics and state sponsored terrorism. It does not include all the unreported deaths from other factors like toxic waste in water and vaccines).

They use language such as “collateral damage”, or “friendly fire” to minimise the public’s emotional reaction.

Governments do not hide the fact that they do not have your well-being in mind! Officially they are there to protect you from other governments… That is right, your government will have you believe that it is the only good and honourable one, whilst all other governments are bad at worst and suspicious at best.

This way more government legislation – any legislation – seems more legitimate.

Let us step back. Unplug for a moment.

First we must take responsibility for the conditioning we have submitted to.

Like dogs we want to get fed: money, sex, entertainment, respect, fame … the currencies politicians and their strategists know get us to listen and respond. To be a free thinker you can never be sold from underneath yourself if you take responsibility for putting up these buttons in the first place. Other currencies exist that form the engine of more sustainable cohesive communities.

Second we must master our own currencies. That means doing what you are passionate about rather than what others expect you to do. Never care about what others think of you. Get into a job where you are making a difference to who you are: who you truly care about, not some dodgy company’s bottom line. If you adopt the same values of your government, you find yourself contracting to their rules and schemes. You lose your power, and pride: the pride of being a real human being.

Ultimately you have to be individual, form your own identity around your own values, and not that of someone else. Forget others’ so-called fame and power, they are no more in control of anything in themselves than you and I.

Thirdly learn to use your freedom wisely. Do not use your freedom to hurt other’s freedom. This only emboldens tyrannical power heads. With the returned power of the heart comes a strengthening of community, relationships and a freedom within community (in stark contrast to a lock down). No politician can stop that because their traditional tool of propaganda and false “currency” manipulation become rendered useless.

No-one may control a country where all follow their own hearts. This is because no two hearts are alike.

Authorities no longer push the buttons because only we push ourselves to move forward. We live inside our own authority.

By Inspirational Balance –  https://www.facebook.com/Inspirational-Balance


Create your own Magical Space


Hardly a week used to go by without at least one client asking me, “how do I protect myself from nasty people?”, “how do I protect my energy?” or “how can I feel better in my own room?”

Your body is a temple, your space your temenos. In Greek this means your sacred space. Jung adapted this term to mean “Magical Circle” where creativity, magic and even healing can take place. The ‘magic circle’ became co-opted into the practices of various modalities, as it already was widely used by Wiccans for thousands of years before.

How do we create our own magical space? This is our own space where we are free to be who we are and explore deeply of who that person might be? It is imperative that with the bustle and turmoil of modern life combined with the electronic dimension adding more layers of stress and chaos into our life, we create our own reset.

  • Body:

*Detox chemically – watch what you eat and when

*Come from love in your thinking and choice making

  • Space:

*Release smoke from smudge sticks into your environment for blessings and spiritual cleansing

*Space drilling – this is where you send white light (and Reiki symbols if you like) to each corner of your space as you meditate inside of it

*Crystals – Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and others help protect your space from negative energies.

  • Emotional:

*Boundaries – acknowledge other people’s negative reality statements, victim playing, being aloof, and attempts at rescuing you – do not buy into their games!

*Challenge others’ values and perceptions when they do not align with yours. Accept them with compassion, putting yourself in their shoes to better understand their reality. Remain the author of your life journey.

  • Spiritual:

*Love Myself unconditionally – affirmations that remind me that I am spirit having a human experience

*Boost your energy – saying: My energy is returned to me now gently with love, light, peace and harmony”, “I now give back energy I have borrowed from others gently with love, light, peace and harmony”


Practical Authentic Power: Can we be truly powerful and be a force for good to all?

Nature Outdoor Scenic Sky Rainbow Green Landscape

Authentic power is a negotiation between your physicality and your latent infinite consciousness as a spiritual entity. Your spiritual entity is universal awareness, the source from which you originally come into being. Therefore the perfect harmonic relationship between you and the whole universe is a healthy authentic relationship to power.

How do we come into Authentic Power? What are the structures of this extraordinary way of existing?

The Power to Absorb Life

Our bodies are powerhouses. Our bodies and our senses do not think linearly but rather they think more like the flow in poetry and music – indeed the quantum and macro flow inherent in the entire movements of the universe. You are just one fleeting interpretation of the universe passing through the winds of change.

A being who understands the poetry and flow of the universe steps into its effortless flow, and comes to be as intelligent as it is itself. He or she comes to live with a curious wonder onto everything he or she comes into contact with. At the start of your life journey you have an open mind and an open heart upon everything that they touch. As you obtain life experience more things may begin to stir you. Notice these stirs as your uniqueness; treasure these qualities, and remember you always truly yearn to return to cosmic consciousness.

Universal consciousness lays the foundation for a sharpening of the senses: deeper listening, allowing the perceiving of the miraculous in real time. What gives one presence is their ability to live in the full richness of this very moment. Stay cognisant to what you see (when you need to regain your authenticity find five things and notice them), hear (notice four things), smell (notice three things), smell (find two things) and feel internally or on your skin. Be thankful to your ability to sense, and bless all that which you are sensing.

It is this fine tuning of a higher interpretation of the world, in which your body is an expression of the universe that this moment becomes your source of true authenticity.

Lin Yutang (1937) talks about present awareness through Thoreau’s account of the sound of crickets:

“… their song has the security of prose. They have drunk no wine but the dew. It is no transient love – strain hushed when the incubation season is past, but a glorifying of God and enjoying him forever. They sit aside from the revolution of the seasons… Only in their saner moments do men hear the crickets”.

Yutang goes on to add “How many of us are able to distinguish between the odors of noon and midnight, or of winter and summer, or of a windy spell and a still one?”

To notice the crickets through their song celebrating the drunken twilight is at the pinnacle of being aware of the universe’s true conspiracies in miracles.

Exercise: Next time you walk along in nature, what are you going to notice? And how is way you notice going to impact what you notice?


Reclaim the Residence of Your Body

The next step is to reclaim residence of your body. Most of the time we are busy bees, and have little interest in being aware of our body, much less the skill to be present and mindful to it.

Your body is the universe in a microcosm, its changing expressions flow with universal intelligence. The body always sends you signals about where you are travelling along parallel to the ultimate compass, the universe itself.

If you eat unhealthy or have an unhealthy lifestyle the body’s messages will be more harsh. For example, your digestion system will feel overworked, your energy levels will feel low, you may have trouble sleeping and that will cause the body clock to be out and organs may malfunction, most importantly the pineal gland that is vital for the ability to dream and have clairvoyant abilities. You may even lose the ability to focus because all your vital energy may be taken up by the digestive process. On the other hand if you are kinder to your body the messages will be sweet and gentle as they capture the universe’s magnificence. Noticing what the cricket’s song triggers in one’s own heart is to truly reside in your body.

There is a sense of being a tool of Mother Nature, in harmony with the all. It sounds like Thoreau’s “Security of Prose”. The comparison of dew to liquor is a most poignant parallel bringing the miraculous and the ordinary showed by their inter-changeability. It is only the beholder who can make these parallels, it is the beholder who ultimately makes the connection between the abstract two-dimensional presentations and three dimensional reality and experience.

Exercise: feel a tube of light surrounding your body. This light scans your body up and down. Feel each part of your body, taking time to notice each and every part. How does it feel? Does any part of the body ‘speak’ to you any louder than the others? What might be its needs or its joys? Notice each body part without judgement. Start at the feet and work your way up slowly to your head. Then quickly scan down finishing at your feet.


Expressing Compassion through the Service to Others

Serving others enlarges and extends your own personal empowerment. We have all heard that the greatest expression of compassion is to be of service to another. When one is truly serving another one must understand where the recipient stands and how they see things, an expression of universal love. It thus follows that in being compassionate with yourself you have the capacity to extend this compassion to another.

In certain states of consciousness brain frequencies called ‘alpha waves’ are generated, secreting the chemical Serotonin. Both the left and the right hemisphere of the brain talk to each other perfectly and so the human being tunes into harmony with Divine mind, and thus with an undistorted heart and mind becomes an instrument of nature. This causes one to feel more connected on a heart level to others. It is a state of being in heightened wake. Hence it is easier to feel more oneness with the universe and purposefulness in life. Perhaps this is the multi-dimensional oneness from which we come from, what religions have called ‘God’ and in the modern world we call the source of inspiration from which poems and songs are written.

Why is being of service so rewarding? Intrinsically we each have the need to be wanted, needed and genuinely loved. It is something the caring professions such as doctors, nurses, carers and community workers simply know. Yet for many in modern capitalist society it is counter-intuitive.

Finally, an authentically powerful person always has a great purpose and vision for that power.

Exercise: Harry Palmer’s Avatar movement offers an exercise to strengthen your compassion to yourself and to the world in order to obtain a sense of peace.

Here are the steps:

INSTRUCTIONS: This exercise can be done anywhere that people congregate (airports, malls, parks, beaches etc.) It should be done on strangers, unobtrusively from some distance. Try to do all five steps on the same person


With attention on the person: “Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life.”


With attention on the person: “Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.”


With attention on the person: “Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness and despair.”


With attention on the person: “Just like me, this person is seeking to fulfil his/her needs.”


With attention on the person: “Just like me, this person is learning about life.”






As kids we learn that when we are good we get rewarded. We obtain power; and that power means to do whatever you want. ‘Growing up’ from that we see power as getting others to do what we want. But is power really all that? Or is there another level of power we have yet to see and value?

Perhaps as kids we were right all along: we really want to do what we like. But as life moves along life rears the ugly question: how.

The word ‘Authority’ comes from its root word ‘Author’ which is derived from the French word ‘Auctor’, meaning creator. Interestingly ‘actor’ comes from the same root word. That is to say we have a strong and deep desire to create and enact our own lives.

But what are we here to create? If we all did what we wants it would be difficult to make an orderly world out of so many infinite possible range of choices that life presents us with daily. Some structure must be welcome. For it is in structure that we gain some freedom to create within its own limitations. This was a sentiment expressed in an interview conversation by song writer and performer Joe Jackson. In other words when you are faced with restriction, for example a musical scale for a musician, which by the way contains only seven notes, or an alphabet for a writer, lots of complexities and different expressions may be delivered through these limited tools. You thus have the freedom to write any of billions of possible of songs, suites, essays, and novels, within a particular mould of expression.

According to Satre one accommodates others as part of their own existential being. He famously stated “Hell is other people”. Other people will either chain you, or they will liberate you – it all depends on you! Truthfully, we must face challenges, comparison, criticism, co-operation and leadership. And then there is blatant opposition and even malice! These things are not as they seem!

We all live under a system. We must relate through a system just to live in society. As Joseph Campbell put it:

Is the system going to flatten you out and deny you your humanity, or are you going to be able to make use of the system to the attainment of human purposes?”

This system is our default authority figure. Its job is to keep us all existing in the image that it wants. We need to be aware of this.

How does society hold us together? We all want to believe in something. We must have faith, or life becomes lustless and dull. We get drowned by boredom, lack of meaning and direction. Our life manifests depression and narcissism as we forget what we are really here to do and express. Society is very important to the human condition.

But going too far in this direction means giving up your personal authority, your authentic happiness. After all society cannot give you the answers to the bigger questions: who am I, what is my life purpose, what is death and how will I cope with it, what is in store for my future, and how may I be a better player in the game of life? This is what the 17th century philosopher Blaise Pascal was pointing to when he wrote in his theological masterpiece “Pensees”: “Everyone dies alone”.

As you subsume your social identity into the narrative and myths of your culture, you are in grave danger of missing your own truths. These truths do not come onto the six o’clock news. You have to work for them. You have to listen … really listen! Listen to the myriad subtle cues from the world out there that act as messengers to the world that lives inside your heart. And there is a whole world inside of that blood pumping organ of yours! Like a shaman, one must hunt for their personal truths, presented and tied together through the heart.

Substitute your faith in illusory promises for faith you were actually placed here for a reason.

So you realise ‘doing whatever you want’ is not the answer. Getting others to do what you want is playing a very small game without any connection to anything larger than your own ego. What’s left?

Playing the game of mutually assured authentic power!

Is this even possible? How does this game look like? 19th century philosopher Nietzsche thought of the human will as a wave that rides the ocean shore. He never saw an ocean wave until he was an adult thanks to Germany being a landlocked country and the lack of modern transportation. So when he finally caught the sight of one, its spirit was well impressed upon Nietzsche. For example he noticed how the appetite of an ocean wave was tireless; how it was crashing with so much vigour and life force, and even before it had completed expressing itself it was already galvanising momentum in forming a new undercurrent to carry out the next one. It is like in some beautiful sense, these ripples were seen as one sentence of the ocean’s flawlessly crafted poem.

In this insight Nietzsche learnt something profound: the universe has a natural harmonious flow. Perhaps this is the flow talked of in the Taoist religion; a sense of everything in existence fitting into a perfect harmonious flow, perfection in its being the way it is without any need for Divine intervention.

Each wave is a product of many forces, some of which are in direct opposition to each other. For example gravity is opposing your weight right now, and thankfully so! The undercurrent, the wind, the speed and direction of an upcoming wave – all of these play a part in a surfer’s journey. The surfer does not complain about any of them, she just makes each a partner in her crime. It is the crime to catch and ride each and every opportunity to experience the joy of life – a ‘crime’ we need all be guilty of!

When you understand authority in this light, you feel each and every player in your life and every obstacle are but mere actors sharing your stage – actors begging to be used to advance your life. And by you advancing your life, you sure are advancing theirs.

As you learn to navigate the ‘surf’ better you will start to see the value of all the other players… your own centre of gravity will thus become established and your ‘surfing’ can flourish.

The greatest authority is not one who uses others to his own ends even whilst harming them. Rather, the truest, the highest authority is the one who dares open their heart to the unknown.

Some obstacle cancel each other out. Other forces create synergy. That is what waves do. You need not worry about these – they must fall into place themselves! Your job is just to ride the wave your way.

You become a player in the game of life, not just a spectator. You play the game of life like a giant! Your power merges with the vastness of the ocean body. This is your wave; your true, authentic authority.


The Super Power of YOU


The Super Power of YOU

Flowing deep inside your layers of energy and physical systems flows the energy systems of Divinity’s universal love. Divine intelligence has nothing but love in store for you.

We all have a simple and yet a most unique super power. This is the super power of being YOU.

Being who you are is being your pure essence, accessing the gifts you were born with.

Yes, it is so counter-intuitive to think you are almighty powerful and good, just by virtue of being. All other requirements are the conditioning that have been placed upon you by your society since you were born.

So what is this super power you have but may not be consciously aware?

The Gifts You Were Born With

We were all born with a blue print. In that blue print everything you may ever like, and everything you may ever experience is already all there.

To uncover these experiences you must have certain qualities. You were born with a skill set that no-one else in the world matches. This makes you a valuable human being just by virtue of being you. You may need certain training to get to where you want to be, but it is your innate interests and gifts that inform the choices you make about what training you undertake, and ultimately what choices you make in this life. You can either come from love or fear. It is the inclinations of your heart that reside at the deepest level, well below the conditioning placed upon you.

We are all passionate about different things. The passion in you is the fire that gets ignited. For each individual it is a different match that ignites the fire. Those things we all chase are not worth chasing because they are not your true calling. Your true calling is only in you. And those who have come before you along a similar journey will show up to help you attain it.

Being your Pure Essence

Pure Essence is the essential quality of being. Your atoms are as old as the sun. The energy flowing through your atoms are in fact older than this planet, and older still than the man-made structures that we so often fear and comply with. When you strip away all the structures given to you by society that uphold the mind that you assume, you are left with just your naked self in a relationship with the entire universe. Your brain is a hologram of the intelligence of this entire universe! This is your pure essence.

The Super Power of you provides you with three main immunities. This is useful for anyone on the spiritual path, as your very spirituality can be a targeted weakness that others may wish to exploit.

You are provided the immunity to: criticism, rejection and self-talk.

When you are immune to criticism you know that there is a higher force that is guiding you. It is navigating your life journey, and all the possibilities that you are creating with how you are choosing to be in the now. Focus on your actions, and stay clear of any reactions. Your reactions are the extent to which you vest yourself in the world of the ephemeral.

When you are immune to rejection you are focusing on yourself and not the other. This is vital in self-development. This is because when we focus on another’s needs we are giving our power away. We have a vested interest in another, to the detriment of our own wellbeing. This is what people do on a social scale with religions, sub-cultures and even social institutions, giving these absolute control of their lives.

When you are immune from self-talk you are not running way from reflection and learning. It is simply acknowledging that what we tell the self is not always true, and is most certainly bound to change and evolve over time. Yet what you tell yourself from moment from moment is treated as gospel. Gospel contains the words: Go Spell. That is to say you go and spell your life by your words. You are simply becoming aware of the social conditioning and its impacts on your consciousness. The media, our social circles and our sources of information set certain bars of behavior and bars for success. We may wish to pause and work out what it is that truly makes the soul happiest. This sometimes requires a complete re-evaluation of values systems.

Being your pure essence is simply being in the Zen of you. Honoring where you are at, and letting the outside world literally stay outside! It is in seeing your pure essence that you see yourself on an equal footing with the universe. You have a direct relationship to the living being that is the universe, and it is to her that you must account to.

You must re-learn to love yourself again. Remember the Divine universal love was there in you all along. The paradigms of social convention as well as ancient tradition are nothing more than opportunities to grow and remember the love that resides within you. Love is always ready and waiting to be tapped into via your heart.

To be of your Pure Essence means to know who you are. Honour the rapture of life that resides within, right down to the cellular level.

Like in the movie the matrix when Neo learns that the outside world is just an illusion, a mental projection in fact, he is enabled to achieve feats no being has conquered before! Neo realizes his supernatural source. If you were in your true essence, acknowledging your unique gifts to the world, you would be in your own supernatural powers. You would not just have a relationship with this limited world but a relationship to the whole universe at large! You would be walking along with the higher forces: the spiritual forces guiding this planet and guiding you your highest destiny.

There is a world within you, and you just may not be aware of all you are capable of…. But in your highest element, you are!


By Ilya Dinov